EMODnet Bathymetry CDI metadata integrated in IHO DCDB Viewer service

EMODnet Bathymetry web services (OGC WMS and WFS) of available survey data sets by European data providers are integrated in the IHO DCDB Data Viewer, which is provided by the IHO Data Centre for Digital Bathymetry (DCDB). The IHO DCDB was established in 1990 to steward the worldwide collection of bathymetric data. The Centre archives and shares, freely and without restrictions, depth data contributed by mariners. The IHO DCDB is hosted by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on behalf of the IHO Member States. The IHO DCDB Data Viewer shows the global coverage of the DCDB's bathymetric data holdings as well as the spatial extent of data archived at other repositories via web services, such as the EMODnet Bathymetry collection of single and multibeam survey data sets.

IHO DCDB Viewer image // iho-dcdb-viewer.jpg (98 K)

IHO DCDB Data Viewer highlighting ship tracks and data availability over the Atlantic Ocean and neighboring regions

Clicking on a survey line pops up references, by which more details about the surveys and their availability can be found.