Announcement of 75th Hydrometrica Multibeam Course (May 2018)

03 November 2017

The 75th Hydrometrica Multibeam Course will take place May 21-26, 2018 in Bologna, Italy. The course aims at people interested in mapping the oceans and spending a week diving into the details of mapping with multibeam sonar. The comprehensive six-day course is designed to provide a theoretical and practical background in multibeam survey technology and techniques for hydrographic surveys, continental shelf boundary delimitation, offshore engineering, harbor dredging, fisheries habitat, route survey and scientific research, and provides overviews of:

  • the technology and problems associated with multibeam surveys;
  • quality control, processing and visualization techniques designed to address the complexities of swath mapping;
  • constraints on using swath bathymetry to produce the highest quality data.

The course information flyer gives details about the instructors, the schedule and course preparation, and registration form.  For further information please contact Lindsay Gee or Alessandra Mercorella .