EMODnet Digital Bathymetry proposal successful

20 June 2013

EU DG MARE has announced that the proposal from the EMODNet Hydrography consortium for continuing the portal services,expanding the geographical coverage of the EMODNet Digital Bathymetry with the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Iceland Sea and Norwegian Sea and upgrading the resolution of the EMODNet DTM for all of Europe's sea basins to 1/8 of a minute of lat lon has been successful.

For this purpose the consortium has expanded with several new data providers that have committed to contribute to the project with their data sets and expertise for generating the Digital Bathymetry. The new project has started in June 2013 with a Kick Off meeting, hosted by IPMA at their headquarters in Lisbon - Portugal. GEBCO is now also one of the partners in the Consortium.

We are interested in working with additional data providers, in particular for the Baltic Sea and Black Sea areas. Please contact us via the feedback form, if you can contribute with bathymetric survey data sets for the mentioned sea basins.