EMODnet Hydrography portal officially launched at EU Experts meeting

25 May 2010

The first release of the EMODnet Hydrography portal has been presented and launched for public use during the EU EMODnet Experts meeting that was organised at the EEA in Copenhagen - Denmark.

The Hydrography portal now provides users with:

  • metadata and data access service, based upon the SeaDataNet CDI service, for identifying and retrieving survey data sets from many data providers
  • data products viewing service for viewing and downloading high quality Digital Terrain Models (DTM's) of a selection of maritime regions (Greater North Sea, Celtic Sea, Channel, Western and Eastern Mediterranean Seas).

The DTM's have a grid size of .25 minute * .25 minute and can be downloaded in geographic tiles in a number of formats. Users can activate and view the bathymetry layers for the selected regions as well as a layer for underwater features. All layers are OGC WMS services, that can also be integrated into other WMS service portals. Users can zoom in/out and switch on/off several layers.   

A further extension of the coverage to other maritime regions is planned as well as a further finetuning of the present regional DTM’s using additional bathymetric data sets and a further population of the metadata and data access services.

Users are invited to try out the services and to give feedback on their experiences and possible additional requirements. Additional data providers are invited to come forward to contribute to the services and products.