Major new release of EMODnet Digital Bathymetry

09 February 2015

A major new release of the EMODnet Digital Bathymetry (DTM) has been developed and published. The DTM now covers all of European seas, including also the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Norwegian - Icelandic Seas and waters around the Canary Islands. Moreover the resolution of the DTM has been increased from 1/4 * 1/4 arc minutes to a grid with 1/8 * 1/8 arc minutes (circa 230 metres). The new DTM is based upon circa 6000 gathered survey data sets and composite DTMs as provided by 29 data providers from 17 countries. The new EMODnet DTM contains data points (28.799 rows x 37.922 columns) which are divided over 16 tiles which can be downloaded freely in various formats. In addition, several upgrades have been applied to the Bathymetry Viewing and Download service for viewing and browsing the new EMODNet DTM. When trying the service, please clear your browser cache.

Further upgrading of the EMODnet DTM is planned for summer 2015 by incorporating even more surveys and further improvement of the digital bathymetry.