New and improved version of Satellite Derived best estimate coastlines

11 January 2021

Early 2019 a first version of best-estimate coastlines for Europe were determined by Deltares from satellite data (typically Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8) and in combination with the Global Tide Surge Model (GTSM) processed into digital coastlines for the European seas at LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide), MSL (Mean-Sea-Level), and MHW (Mean-High-Water). The level of detail is bound to the resolution of the satellite sensor (e.g. 10m for Sentinel-2). Recently this coastlines product has been improved and expanded, for instance adding Northern areas. The latest December 2020 version now covers the entire coastline of Europe. These satellite derived coastlines can be viewed as extra layer in the Bathymetry Viewing service which also allows to download the coastlines as shapefiles. Moreover, there is a report available giving backgrounds on methodology and the actual processing undertaken.