Now 31.000 indexed survey data sets available

02 September 2021

One of the cornerstones of EMODnet Bathymetry is gathering and providing discovery and access to bathymetric survey data sets as acquired by hydrographic services, research institutes, and companies, from Europe. These data sets are used as input for regularly updating and improving the EMODnet Digital Terrain Model. The gathered survey data sets are included in the CDI Data Discovery & Access service which gives users overview and options for requesting access to the actual data sets as managed by the connected data providers. Recently the number of collected survey data sets has passed the treshold of 31.000 entries, available from 43 data providers from 21 European countries and originating from 291 organisations.

Holders of additional bathymetric survey data from public and private sector are encouraged to come forward to include their survey metadata, both for open waters as for coastal regions. The data could be single and multibeam survey data, but also LIDAR data. Additional data sets will give extra input for further improving the overall coverage and quality of the EMODnet DTM which is used by many as the basis for studies and planning as well as major input for numerical hydrodynamical models.

If your organisation has bathymetry data sets, please make use of the EMODnet Ingestion service to make it available for further processing and inclusion in the CDI service and the EMODnet DTM.